ECCoP: European Collaborative for Communities of Practice

We blog to grow a theory, a practice, and a community dedicated to enhance value creation by communities of practice. This blog is an experiment in social innovation.We intend to grow it into a many-voice publishing channel to host a self-organizing network of conversations among colleagues who share our purpose. We want to become a valued source of collaborative learning that accelerates innovation in business and social life. This blog is just the first step; we will bring the power of a whole range of social software into interplay with our community of readers/contributors. We welcome support to that from geeks with social consciousness and anybody who wants to help.

Published by:
Erik van Bekkum
George Pór
Hubert Saint-Onge (featured author)

The European Collaborative for Communities of Practice was an experiment for learning, collaboration and social innovation. Established in 2003, the experiment lasted for about three years. A lot of value was created; this page shows the ECCoP archive.

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