PhD Seminar in Copenhagen Business School

Last week Alexandre Perrin has been to the seminar on Knowledge Management in Copenhagen (hosted by the Copenhagen Business School, old familiraties for me!) which seems to have been quite interesting. Alexandre gives an extensive summary of the three days, including

  • Knowledge Organizations and Management perspectives in Knowledge Management (Mette Monsted);
  • What is Organizational Knowledge and how Organizational Learning relates to Knowledge Management (Alphons Sauquet);
  • A history of concept of knowledge (Hans Siggaard Jensen);
  • Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital statements – Measurement reflections (idem)

Many interesting (mostly, but not limited to academic) things seemed to have passed by; incidentally on the first day Mette Monsted was talking about Foucault's views on power and knowledge which is something that I at this point am looking into as well (philosophy). There were ample examples and stories as well, and some focus on communities of practice. Alexandre says:

This is inspired from Cook & Brown (2001): The difference between knowing and practice. Then , Prof. Sauquet explained the conceptual fundations of Communities of Practice. I think we cannot understand communities of practice without this basement. For example, Jan Lave explains that mathematic is used by educations because it is abstract knowledge (I should read Cognition in practice). In a community, you learn not only knowledge, but you learn to behave like…(a teacher!) In a community we learn the language that you have to use (cf Brown & Duguid).

A very rich course that reminds me that I should make the difference between knowledge and knowing. As I will study practices and transfer of best practices, it is mandatory to do it.

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