White Label Social Networking Software

Thomas Power (yes, the Ecademy one) posted in one of his forums a newsbite about what he calls “a great idea for new brands starting out using social networking”. Kickapps is a small company that has created white label social networking software that can be used for startups to create their own orkut, openBC etc. I would argue there is only still a market for the highly specialized ones – maybe even as part of a community building effort – and market for open souce (and freely implemented) ones. Tech Grunch makes another point in their blog that substantiates this, and that is that maybe people want to belong to few social networking sites only. This would leave little space for large scale open platforms still using the white label software, but rather specialized ones could do.

The creators of this white label SN software (which I believe is not a novelty, since there are a couple of open source projects around which have similar intent) said yesterday in the interview on Tech Grunch: “The basic idea behind this service is relatively simple but the end result is a highly customizable social networking site for admins and a relatively compelling experience for users “

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