Archived Efios news

News from 2003

Course program on Communities of Practice (Online and offline, 23-October 2003 – 4 December 2003)

[17 September] Triagonal organises a course program on Communities of Practice for in Spanish in collaboration with associated teacher Erik van Bekkum. The program, which will take place in an online as well as face-to-face environment, will address various aspects of communities from both strategic as well as functional standpoints.

1-Day workshop on value creation with communities of practice (London, 23-October 2003)

[15 August] George Pór and Erik van Bekkum from ECCOP will organize a one-day workshop on the 23rd of October as part of the ARK group’s conference on communities of practice. The event takes place in London and is based on productive conversation, dialogue and unleashing potential in communities of practice.

Virtual Communities 2003 proceedings

[8 July] Harry Collier from Infornotics, organizer of the event Virtual Communities 2003 in London, has published the webcast online, the presentation from George Pór and Erik van Bekkum can be found online.

Measures to help communities of practice foster radical innovation

[8 June] The European Collaborative for Communities of Practice (ECCOP) has started an open invitation which creates an open community learning experience. The subjects relates to the radical innovation with communities; several global communities have been invited to join the discussion and submit their respective contributions. The results are being presented during Virtual Communities 2003, next week in London, by George Pór and Erik van Bekkum – until then submission are gathered in the blog.

Philips Semiconductor community case

[31 May] The cleared presentation of the Philips Semiconductors case from during CP Week has been published online in the documents section – a weblog entry about the case has been created here.

Fishbowl cases during CP Week

[9 May 2003] Erik van Bekkum (efios) will present a fishbowl case about the communities of Philips Semiconductors during CP Week (CP Square) on the 20th of May in Santa Cruz. The following day he and Noel Dickover will formally launch the coordinator practice group and speak for 1,5 hours on the challenges and work ahead in CP Square. Asynchronous blogging of the event may be one of the options to syndicate the value to others.

Project-based c-blog

[28 April 2003] Efios has initiated a collaborative blog on for its customer projects. Together with collaborative tools such as discussion boards and wiki’s the blogs should add to the value-creation for the team as well as act as a diary for the project members. VVS is the first one to kick off.

Innovation in communities of practice

[23 April 2003] Efios has started compiling thoughts about how communities of practice can drive innovation within the organization, and which components are required to create a succesful ecosystem for innovative processes.

Individual thoughts – efios starts blogging

[28 February 2003] Efios will start a weblog (also commonly known as Blog) as per March to reflect thoughts on networks, communities and people.

The role of virtual collaboration towards information in a Knowledge Architecture

[25 February 2003] “In general, knowledge strategy is composed of three major components which each play a vital role in the success of organizational knowledge management…” [New efios downloadable document, March 2003]

Knowledge @ Work, developments of the knowledge workplace (European Commission)

[19 February 2003] A knowledge café, organised by Paul Hearn, will be held in Brussels on 24th February 2003 to bring together researchers interested in latest developments from a technology and policy perspective affecting the (knowledge) workplace.

Efios and Triagonal combine structured with unstructured corporate learning

[11 February 2003] efios announces partnership with Triagonal, a Spanish company for e-learning and knowledge management. Efios will complement the service offering of Triagonal in the corporate learning environment. An official announcement is expected at the end of February, which will be followed by an overview of the benefits of integrating structured learning with unstructured learning, such as communities, on this website.

Getting started with collaboration with the efios kits in Spain

[31 January 2003] efios has, as part of its service offering, launched an initiative in Spain to promote collaborative working using a ‘kit’ for getting started.